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A few web design trends for 2018

As a web designer I like to follow the latest web design trends. Some of these are functional, like WordPress updates and plugins, php 7.2, security issues, or html/css related, and some are visual, such as flat and material design, flat lay photography, video, and line art icons. There's a sea of t ... read more

5 ways you can improve your website

Creating a website is a great way to promote your business, services and products, but encouraging people to visit it can be difficult. Below are 5 great tips to help improve your website - and some ideas on how to get started! 1. Responsive Design Number 1 on our list has to be responsive ... read more

What’s The Deal With Flatlay

Flatlay photography has become quite the trend within recent years and today we’re going to be telling you why and if you should be doing it. If you think Flatlay is a new trend, you’d be wrong, believe it or not it has quite the long history. It actually dates back to 1987 w ... read more

Where To Find Free High Quality Stock Photos

Finding stock photos, that are free can be a hard and tedious task! Especially ones that are high quality. Working in the web industry, we are always looking for images for blogs and clients' websites. There have been hours spent sifting through not so good stock pictures, you know the ones we're ta ... read more

Why Isn’t Anyone Coming To My Website

So you've had a new website built, or maybe it's been up a while but still isn't getting many hits... in this blog we'll take a look at some of the reasons that might cause users to miss your website. 1. You're not listed on Google yet When a website is first built, Google won't know it exists ... read more

5 Ways To Make Your Website Less Boring

In the big wide ocean of the internet, there's a ton of interesting, informative and interactive websites out there. It's important to remember the websites we spend most of our time on, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, BBC news and so on, but what can we do to our small company websi ... read more

4 Web Design Tips You Need To Know

It's easy to jump straight into designing your website, before you get started here are our 4 top tips. 1. Have a strong brand message When it comes to websites you should make sure you are showing what you want the world to see, and through web design you can control exacltly what you want peop ... read more

4 web design trends for 2016

Websites and web design trends are constantly changing to suit the needs of businesses and users. If you are having your website redesigned in 2016, please keep the following trends in mind. 1. Responsive Design and Social Media & Blog Integration Responsive design is the norm now and has ... read more

Guest Blog By Judith Bond

Our new contributor, Judith Bond joins us today to share her top baking tips. Judith is a bespoke Cake Maker from North Wales and is the owner of Judith Bond Cakes based in Llandudno. As well as Wedding cakes, Judith specialises in celebrations, cupcakes and corporate events and has customers all al ... read more

Mingle Festive Fayre

We had a great time at the Mingle Festive Fayre yesterday! There were lots of great stalls and we also met some other great businesses from the local area. There were a variety of stalls to choose from and lots of great hand made goods. We especially loved these cupcakes by Judith Bond my fav ... read more | 01492 203 963