Panasonic Lumix GF2 Review Part 1

So last week I bought myself a nifty new camera to take on holiday with me, as I didn’t want to be lugging my Nikon D3200 and extra lenses all around Cyprus. Because let’s face it, that’s just not much fun. I didn’t just want your typical compact low resolution camera, I still wanted something that was going to give me good quality pictures. So after much browsing on GOOGLE I finally found the one I wanted.


So here it is, the Panasonic Lumix GF2, bought second hand on Ebay for £66 and that included the camera itself plus the standard 14 – 42 mm lens kit and a free tripod ( Not bad eh? ). It’s pretty much a miniature DSLR camera!


Part 1 of my review is going to be based on the intelligent automatic mode! I know Auto isn’t the best of settings on DSLR’S but seems as it’s calling itself intelligent I thought I would give it a go. And to my suprise it actually wasn’t that bad. Above is a picture of John’s cat, Marley and on auto mode it knew it was a close up shot & it set it to a low aperature setting. So far so good!


I was quite impressed with how this macro shot turned out! Intelligent automiatic mode is really starting to grow on me! Yes I like to have manual control, but sometimes if you’re in a bit of a rush you don’t really want to be faffing around with shutterspeeds and aperatures.


I loved how this shot of the small church in Rhos on Sea turned out! I was also shooting in RAW format, and when opened up in Adobe Lightroom all the colours and lighting were perfect. I added some HDR tones in photoshop to make the image stand out.


Here is a 0.45 x super wide angle attachtment lens I purchased earlier this year for my Nikon DSLR and just out of curiosity I tried it on the Lumix GF2! And to my excitement it fitted! So I now have myself a mini wide angle camera for a budget! ( woo )


And here’s a shot with the wide angle lens attached! Now when it comes to taking sunset shots I do like to be fully in control but again, I was suprised how well it turned out using auto mode. I only made a few tweaks to the sky and added more vibrance to the image. To view the full wide angle shot look here on my twitter page


Here’s another sunset pic as the sky was so pretty! These shots were taken in Rhos-on-Sea.


All in all I was quite impressed with intelligent automatic mode! And if you are a beginner or amateur you will still produce some pretty nice shots! Stay tuned for part 2 when I will be reviewing some more scene modes!


All images in this post are copyrighted to Indever!