4 Common DIY Website Mistakes

There are many companies out there who want to create their own website because it saves them money and nearly anyone can build a website these days. There are thousands of free and different on-line services. But the question is “should you create your own website?” A website is a potential customers first impression of you and your brand. And we all know that first impressions are everything! If you do not have the experience and expertise in designing websites you aren’t really doing your business and justice by creating a DIY website. Here are our 5 reasons on why creating your own website isn’t always the best solution. It might save you money, but your company might lose more customers by having a website that isn’t very good.


” I only want a simple website “

Not true! You want an effective website not a simple one. Your website will give you the opportunity to attract and convert visitors into paying customers. It has to sell your product or services and stand out from the other websites of your competitors. An effective website created by professional web designers is cost effective and will attract business your way instead of to your competitors.

” Pre made templates “

Using off the shelf templates without any modifications is another all to common DIY website mistake. It’s cheap, but your website is going to look generic, unconnected to your brand and it will just look like all the other websites out there. To create a website is as unique as your business and it needs to match your brand, these templates need a lot of customization and changes that do require a professional.

” Missing your target audience “

Another typical DIY website mistake is that you miss your target audience. Remember that if you are going to create a DIY website you are creating it for a certain target audience and not just for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you think a certain colour or image looks good, if it doesn’t fit with your brand it will not appeal to your potential customers. It would be easier and more cost effective to pay a professional to build a fully customised website that suits you and your brand… a web designer will listen carefully and meet your needs.

” No focus on conversion or calls to action “

Many people creating DIY websites forget that it is another piece of their marketing strategy. Focus must rely on turning website visitors into customers with clear call to action that coincide with your business goals. You need to drive visitors to contact you for a quote, buy a product from you eCommerce site or sign up to a newsletter or a promotion. These calls to actions must not be hidden and need to be clear and obvious to your visitors. Professional web designers can create a website that is a valuable marketing assest to your business.

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